From Where We’ve Been

We’ve been a long way, the human and I.  We’ve travelled many a road and accomplished many things.  Eight years ago we came down to Tucson and “stretched” our limits by riding 50-60 miles every day for a week.  So far this week we have 3 rides in near 90 and 2 100Ks; tomorrow, we will do another short 90 into the wind.  While we’re sure that at the end of the ride we’ll be tired, we’ll do it, none the same and not stress about whether we can make it.

But, what does that have to do with today’s adventure?  Today we backtracked our route from a few days ago.  Then, it was raining with strong headwinds; today it was sunny with strong headwinds, but that’s not the point.  The point is how different the same road can look depending upon when you’re there.  Each pass you see something different; each pass you ponder something new; each pass makes you stronger.

OK, maybe I spent too much time thinking, but the human was moving really slowly today in the wind.  Just about the time that I was losing my patience with the human, I realized that today’s ride was 61 miles with a 600′ elevation gain and a direct headwind the entire way.  Sure, the human was riding slow, but 10 years ago the human would have ridden a flat 100K in the same time.  Yes, each pass makes you stronger.

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