No sooner had we turned off the main highway, than what did we see?  One of those evil 4 wheeled, gas guzzling beasts all aflame!  To add insult to injury it had the audacity to burn up in my lane.  The bike lane is for bikes, not for cars…and, really, can’t those horrible beasts keep themselves controlled?  It is bad enough some of them whiz past me way too close and others smell like they haven’t been tuned…well,..ever, but to set yourself aflame?  That makes no sense.

I mean, those beasts suck down petroleum at a ridiculous rate just so they can go fast…and, apparently, burn up.  Now, us elegant two-wheeled beasts, on the other hand, sip just a little oil now and then for our chains and rarely ever heat up.  OK, my rims did get a little warm once, but it wasn’t my fault — if my human wouldn’t ride the brakes down the mountain, my rims would stay cool.  But, just feed my human some food and I move fast enough.

But, once we got past that mess, it was an absolutely gorgeous ride.  A short climb over the pass and then downhill all the way to Gila Bend.  Even the human’s other half got to ride a bit because the going was easy on the lungs.

Tomorrow, we work.

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