We’re Flying!

We flew today!  The sun was out.  The temperature was perfect.  The desert was green.  Yes, green!  The ocotillo all had leaves and flowers, the palo verde were…well…verde, the saguaro plump, wild flowers everywhere. Never have we seen the desert this green.

Today we rode from Tucson, through Saguaro West and then north to Casa Grande.  A few little rolling hills at the beginning and then just miles of flat land to spin out the human’s overwintered legs.

But, did I mention we flew!?!?! Tailwinds!  Major tailwinds!  Even my pokey human was flying.  And it felt good.  So good that I’ve almost forgiven the human for letting me fall over.  OK, she was changing my tire and I wasn’t paying any attention (really, I just wanted to get back on the road) and I tumbled.  But, no damage.  No blemishes on my perfect finish.

In the end we did almost 90 miles, but with the tailwind it felt like about 75.  A nice easy spin for the start of the year.  This is our 8th year coming to Tucson and today was the nicest weather for the first day we’ve ever seen.  OK, it wasn’t hard to beat the day we woke up to snow on the palm trees; or the day it rained so hard and was so cold that everyone squeezed into a van or car and shivered the rest of the way to Sierra Vista, but, yesterday, you couldn’t have asked for a nicer day,

But, tomorrow is going to rain.  It is a short ride, but we’re going to start early to try to beat the worst of it to Gila Bend.  We’ll see.  Guess we have to pay the desert back for such a gorgeous day.  Leave some green on the cactus for the next people to pass through.

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