Today we’re in Tucson; tomorrow, the training begins. Oh, sure, the human has been riding intervals on “George” her trainer bike for most of the winter, and commuting to work most days on “Clyde”, but for me, this is the first week of real training for our trip.

Last fall at the end of the happy riding season, the human packed me up and sent me home to the Waterford plant for the ultimate in a bicycle spa. You see, I’ve been on the road now for several years. Combine 10,000 miles on the road in all kinds of weather with more than a dozen trips in the belly of an airplane and, well, suffice it to say I was no longer looking or feeling my best.

So, I got to go back to the plant for a facelift. They stripped off my chipped and fading paint, realigned my frame and fork and painted me again. Quite frankly, I think I look better than ever.  I’m bright and shiny and catching the eye again.  Ahhhh…

So here we are.  The humans came in by plane, but I got special treatment and got to ride down in the PAC Tour van.  The human lives close enough to PAC Tour’s home base that I can ride down in the truck with Susan.  It is so nice to be treated special (because, you know, I am) and to not be thrown around by baggage handlers or sit on the tarmac wondering if they’ll find me and get me into the hold of the plane…and then the right plane.

And now, I’m all put together, tuned up and ready for the open road. Tomorrow we leave Tucson and head to Casa Grande.  Then Casa Grande to Gila Bend.  Followed by Gila Bend to Wickenberg where we turn around and come back the way we came.

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