Sailing, sailing, over the ocean…

…when Jack grows up to be a man, a sailor he will be… oh, wait, my name is Edwina and I am clearly a bicycle. A clean, well-tuned bicycle. A bicycle ready for the roads of Michigan….well…maybe.

Today, we sailed across the ocean…a little ocean…ok, just a lake. The humans got up well before the crack of dawn and toodled us down to the ferry dock. Riding the ferry is fun. Lots of motorcycles to chat with while the humans ride upstairs. Touring motorcycles are like bicycles…two wheeled vehicles that enjoy the backroads. I just feel bad for them…sure I complain about the humans being old and slow, but no fossils are destroyed while we toodle along.

Coming off the ferry we road on bike trail and quiet roads to Cedar Springs. The humans gave us a rest when they stopped at a winery; apparently an interesting winery, but, you know, alcohol is nice to clean my chain, but not something I would go out of my way for. But, the views were nice.

Tonight, the humans headed downtown for a beer and veggie burger, leaving Edwin and I behind in the hotel.

Now…about this trip….first, both Edwin and I are riding….yep…Edwin’s human is riding. OK, we’re not doing PAC Tour mileage. Heck, no. Time to smell the roses on this trip. No more than a metric a day. Should be fun….well…if we get through tomorrow….rain, strong winds and gravel…..I fear I may be mucky mess….but…I shall worry about that tomorrow….today, we are happy…we’re on the road.

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