Vermont was but a blur and we are now in New Hampshire. Tomorrow is it! The Real Riders are trying not to celebrate just yet…there are still 56 miles between us and the ocean.

This is a pretty area of the country. Rolling hills (OK, some are a tad bit taller than “rolling” but many arrive with a view so worth it). There is more money in the towns we travel through so the older homes have been well cared for. Oh…and the architecture is fascinating — dormers with dormers, turrets of all shapes and sizes, cobblestone construction, brick, wood…they definitely did not build as Malvina Reynolds put it “little boxes on the hillside…and they all look just the same.” Nope.

Yep…tomorrow…a short 56 and we shall see the ocean! It has been a very long 33 days.

Reading List Animal, Vegetable, Junk Mark Bittman. Pulled together many of the books we read during the trip. Well worth the read.

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