After finally coming to terms with the state (or lack there of) of my human’s health, we have limited ourselves to riding only into lunch each day. Thus, we ride about 2/3 to 3/4 of the route and then stop. It is working out well. The human is staying healthy and we’ve changed the ride from a challenge to…well….a vacation. Normally, we would have gone home as constant shuttling is not a PAC Tour thing, but Edwin’s human is crew and, while not able to ride, is happy being “The Chef.” So, arrangements were made, plans adjusted, goals rearranged and the trip continued. Real Riders do the Real Rider thing and we cheer them on while we ride our thing. All is good.

But today?!?!!? Today we rode 100% of the route! Woot! Oh, wait. Do I have to confess, Dear Reader that today was an easy day for the Real Riders? That the Real Riders only rode to lunch and that lunch was at the hotel?!??!?!?! Darn…yep…we rode every mile the Real Riders rode, but….it was recovery day for them and a “normal” day on the bike for the human and I.

And a great day it was. We entered the Finger Lakes of New York. We had some climbs but they were pretty roads and we were rewarded with awesome ridge riding at the top. Lots of small, linear towns and a lot of really interesting old architectures. One does not need to read the plaques that state that the town was founded in the 1700’s to recognize that we are in much, much older town. It makes riding through the towns and villages is as interesting as the country side.

Details 71 miles 2549 feet of climb

Reading List White Like Her Gail Lukasik. A woman’s genealogical search after learning that her mother went white.

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