It Comes with a Cost

Beautiful scenery comes with a cost….and that cost? Wear and tear on the muscle fibers of the human’s legs as the number of climbs increase to get that beautiful scenery. As a bike? Meh…..a road is a road. Sure, when the human gets cautious on a downhill, my brake pads take a beating, but they can be replaced. Human legs…fragile things need time to repair. But…enough negatives…the scenery!!!!!

Oh, today, the scenery was amazing. Some of the roads were rough, but twisty, wooded, rural…up and down. The ride took us from rolling hills into the Allegheny National Forest in the foothills of the Appalachians. Amazingly beautiful scenery, but, yep….flat road was not in the cards….so definitely no flat, flat, flat farmland that described Illinois and Indiana. Miles go by more quickly when there is so much to see.

Even the towns are interesting with their older homes. Many of the same style of old houses in the Midwest, but unlike the Midwest where there might be one on a block, here they line the block. We know the population density of these towns was greater than the Midwest at the same time and you can read it in the architecture.

Today was our 28th day of riding and we have another week to go. For comparison, the Southern crossing ends at Day 27.

Details. 50 miles, 4192 feet of climb

Reading List The First Signs Genevieve von Petzinger. Interpretation of Paleolithic rock art symbols and their meaning in the development of human culture.

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