Blink and Its Gone

And just like that, Indiana is past and we’re now in Lima, Ohio, not to be confused with Lima, Peru, the home city of one of our two Peruvian National team members. Lima, Ohio pronounced lye-ma as in lima bean even though, lima beans are South American and their name also derives from Lima, Peru. Confused? Yeah. Me, too. Humans spend so much time talking you’d really think they could agree on pronunciation, eh?

So…let’s just say that today we are now in Ohio. Indiana didn’t even last a full day…just part of yesterday and part of today. With such a short glimpse it seems unfair to summarize, but….lots of corn and soy beans (seriously, how much soy and corn do all you humans need? Ever hear of diversity?!?!?!?!? Hrrmph). The roads in Indiana were nicer than Illinois including one long stretch of a one lane farm to market road….very little traffic and a really nice road surface. Us bikes really appreciate roads like that — no trucks to push us off and smmmmoooth pavement means no rattling. Ah…

Of course…today’s detour (and, for some the detour on the detour) to get over a river might just leave all of us remembering Indiana as the state without a bridge (or two).

That said, today ends or our seemingly forever miles of flats. As we head into eastern Ohio, the road will become lumpy. Some of the humans think that is great; some are yearning for more miles of corn and soybean. Me? Hrrrmph….about time my triple gets used again!

Details. 81 miles 817 feet of climb, 13.3 strain

Reading List The Cooking Gene Michael Twitty. A mélange ?perhaps ratatouille? of genetics, genealogy, history of food and culture, travelogue and experimental history. A little disjoint at times, but an interesting exploration of one man’s journey to understand his roots.

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