“Do you ride trails?”

How many times do we hear this question about the trip? And how many times do we want to respond with, “Define ‘trails'” No, we’re not being snarky — well, this time….it is a serious question. Consider the interstate. Before it was the interstate, with high probability it was a highway; before it was a highway, a road; before a road, a trail. Most of the roads that connect cities were originally trails of some sort…be they animal migration routes, Native American routes, settler routes or early roads. So when we ride the interstate or road system, we are, in fact riding trails.

But…today we road bike trail. 42 contiguous miles of an absolutely gorgeous bike trail along the Root River. Shady. Cool. Wind blocking. And, best of all no traffic. No cars. No pickups. No semi-trailers. All for 42 wonderful miles. Ah….were every state so well platted as Minnesota.

Alas, although we left Minnesota on a high note, we did, indeed, leave Minnesota at the end of the day and are now in Wisconsin. Yet another state done. We’ll head into Dodgeville tomorrow and then out into Illinois the next day.

But, Dear Reader, tonight I and the other bikes are locked in a conference room. Hrrrmphh…like we have anything to conference about! While we’re stacked against tables and locked away, I hear some of the humans have great views of the Mississippi River from their rooms. But us bikes? Grrrr….I wonder where the human will dry socks and shorts tonight? At least locked up here I won’t have to suffer the indignity of being a clothes line. grumble .

Details 87 miles 1437 feet. 13.8 strain

Reading List Black Klansman Ron Stallworth We haven’t learned that much about undercover work since we road with Moots and her human. Different world.

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