Fly Over Country

Today was the first of 4 days of longer mileage over what is often referred to by Coasties as “flyover country.” Now, those people may think it is because they only see this country from the window of an airplane, but, I don’t think that is the definition and I think the phrase is really “fly country.” Egads. Stop for 3 minutes on the side of the road and every fly in a 5 mile radius descends upon you — human or bicycle, it doesn’t matter. There will be a fly.

And when the flies aren’t bothering you, the kamikaze grasshoppers and crickets are flying into my spokes. I just want to shout, “I’m too big for you to do damage. Just save yourself and me the negative karma for slicing you in two!!!!” But I don’t speak grasshopper or cricket.

Despite flies, crickets and grasshoppers, the highlight of today was the Badlands. That section of riding was worth the trip. Definitely not in the “lush green” category but, oh, so very interesting to view. Those miles flew by with so many things to see, observe and ponder.

Thankfully, the Badlands were early enough in the day because it was…..HOT….yep, just when we thought we’d gotten closer to areas of the country without super hot temperatures, the super hot temperatures arrive ahead of us. Sigh…that meant my human didn’t make the full ride. But….we got to ride the bestest part thru the Badlands. So all is good.

And….because I rode in with the luggage van I got into town well before the human. While the human was participating in, “How many riders and crew does it take to change a tire?” I got cleaned up by Edwin’s human. So very nice of him, but….alas, poor Edwin, continues to ride atop the van. Some day….some day he’ll ride again.

Details 95 miles, 1500′ of climbing (approximate…the human left the GPS on when I jumped into the van….oops). 14.9 strain

Reading List

Spirit Run Noe Alvarez. Run across North America’s native lands.

This is your Mind on Plants Michael Pollan

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