South Dakota

Another state boundary. We are now riding through our fifth state having crossed Washington, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. Riding through Wyoming we definitely saw a change in terrain with the land becoming greener and less desert-like as we travelled east. More important to me, however, were the Wyoming roads. Wyoming roads, when compared to Montana, had better, cleaner shoulders which meant my tires were safer from glass and tire wires….safer….not safe as a bicycle’s tires are never safe unless riding a velodrome. The human was happier in Wyoming as the drivers were nicer to us, as well. Only one close pass in nearly 3 days of riding. I was really angry with that driver because his pickup truck was pale yellow…..hrrmph….did that driver not realize we were related by paint?!?!?

Today we crossed into South Dakota after lunch and road through the Black Hills. The morning was greener than it had been, but in the afternoon? Ah…lush green grasses and trees. Every terrain has its own beauty and the grasslands and pastures of Montana and Wyoming were lovely at times, but….there is something about green grasses and trees. Yep…some days we ride to get from Point A to Point B but it is days like today that are why we ride. Ah…..

I did promise you, Dear Reader, to finally tell you when the forecast was no long hot, smoke and haze. Yay! It was none of the above. We did get rain, but mostly of the misty kind. But, by the time the ride was over, I was no longer a lovely yellow bicycle. Yuck. None of us bicycles came through the day without a layer of grime. But, you know? It just meant our humans gave us a little bit more TLC…greased our chains and washed us down top to bottom — not just our wheels. Bike wash is a mini spa for us bicycles.

Details 114 miles, 3343 feet of elevation. 14.7 strain

Reading List. The Boys in the Boat Daniel James Brown. 1936 Olympic rowing team. Should have started this one in Washington as the crew was from Washington and Coulee Dam played a role.

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