Huckleberry: noun 1) any of a genus (Gaylussacia) of American shrubs of the heath family 2) used as “I am your huckleberry” to denote that one is the perfect person for the job.

Yep…a huckleberry day. At breakfast we had fresh huckleberries for our oatmeal, picked yesterday by PAC Tour crew. Smaller and tarter than a blueberry they made for a tasty treat.

Today’s ride was 140 miles and, grrrrrr, my human just isn’t up to that yet. Getting better. Getting stronger, but 140 miles in the heat was not in our cards. So, we hitched a ride with our huckleberry, aka PAC Tour crew driver who was, by definition the perfect person for the job, to get us to the 50 mile mark. We hit the road at 50 miles and road 90 into the hotel.

The road was flat and for the most part followed a river. There is something quite majestic about the rivers here in Montana — the rivers are wide and flat with mountain sized hills that make the river seem bigger; the hills are steep and green and make the rivers seem wider. Simply gorgeous. Fun day even when traffic got a little thick.

The last stretch was pretty, along the river, but hot and a head wind. Arriving into the hotel, the human was shot (and…uh…we weren’t real riders…we’d only done 90 miles, not 140 — think how the real riders felt)…but there, crossing the road, was Edwin’s human with a dairy free huckleberry shake….I don’t quite get the excitement, but the human was just gushing about it being the perfect ending of the day.

Details: 94.21 miles (out of 145) 1923 feet of climb (out of 2700) 15.3 strain

Reading List Women’s Work Elizabeth Wayland Barber The human heard the author speak at an AIA lecture. Half the audience were archaeology types; half were weavers. The author studies ancient textiles and their development over the millennia. The book was the extended version of the lecture. Fascinating if, like my human, you come from a family of weavers.

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