I made it! We rolled into Everett late Wednesday. For us bikes it was uneventful. For Lon & Crew some engine trouble. Not human engines, but the engine of the truck. So we arrived earlier than expected so the truck could go to the mechanic. Bad for the truck, but great for me. No mechanics for me today. Today I got to ride!!!! Wheeee….

Edwin, I and the humans went out for an easy 30 mile spin. It started kinda….uh…city bike trail with lots of debris, then we climbed a wall. Wall? Oh, yeah….quarter mile with an average gradient of 12.5%. Steep like Dodgeville, but much longer. Eeks! Not exactly an easy shake out ride and….uh….need I say I wonder how my human is going to get us into Sheridan next week. 3 miles of 10% surrounded by moderate mountain climbs. But it is all one mile at a time. Today we worry about today; tomorrow will take care of itself. And every mile ridden is a good mile.

After the wall, the ride flattened out and we rode around a lake, along a river and through several little down town areas. It was really quite a nice shake out ride. Even with the bramble warrior plants. Here in the Pacific Northwest, the roadsides are lush with wild plants. Raspberries, ferns, lots of ferns, white trumpet flowers, sweat pea, plants we had no clue how to describe and bramble. Bramble are definitely the warrior class of roadside plants. While raspberries and the others are happy to chill on the edges, brambles come out to attack. They send their tendrils into the road at tire height, try to get their thorns into my pretty new tires. And when tire height isn’t good enough, they try to lie in wait on the road with the hope that the human doesn’t see them. Today we outsmarted them.

Tomorrow the human will tweak my settings, grease my chain and we’ll be ready for the first leg of the trip on Saturday morning. We’ll wake up early and catch the ferry to Whidbey Island. We’ve been told it is a gorgeous ride. We’ll let you know Saturday night, Dear Reader. Until then.

Reading List: Nothing right now because we rode with Edwin and his human.

Listening List: Sigh…Edwin’s human is currently playing Peaches and Herb’s Reunited…sigh…sarcasm or silly? No clue.

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