If it is February…

…it must be Tucson.  Yes indeedy we are in Tucson.  Edwin and I came down in the gentle hands of Susan and Beth last week and the humans arrived today to let us out of our boxes.

It felt good to stretch out again.  The humans complain about the tiny seats in the airplane, but it is nothing like being a beeee-aaaaa-uuuu-ti-ful bike living in a 26x26x10 box.  Egads.  Handle bar drops thru my rear wheel, crankset tucked over the hoods, and if the parts aren’t aligned just right, my wheels get damaged en route. And the humans have the audacity to complain about a little loss of leg room.  Hrrrmph.

But, enough complaining.  All is good again and we’re back to looking like bikes.  We only got a little bit of a shake out ride because it is raining today in Tucson.  Well, the locals call it rain, but we’d call it very sporadic drizzle.  All day it has been like this, but rarely is there enough water coming out of the sky to connect the dots on the pavement.

However, the rest of the week is looking good.  A little cool, but for northerners, it will still feel balmy.  This year we’re down for 2 weeks.  Yay!  My human is going to try again to ride the Southern Transcontinental in September.  Third times a charm or three strikes and you’re out.  We don’t know which it will be, but the only way to find out is to try.

On the first attempt, we failed on 116 miles in New Mexico; on the second attempt the human was really fit and ready, but then Galanas crashed and broke the human’s pelvis 4 days before the start; this time?  We shall see.  Stay tuned.  Maybe I can get that lazy human in shape; maybe not.  But, trust me, dear reader, I will give it a solid try because…..if I have to be honest….because *I* want to be out riding (the human?  meh!  the human just comes along for the ride!)

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