Yep, that is where I am.  Chicago with Frank Sinatra crooning, “Chicago, Chicago, that toddlin’ town…”   Uh….I know it is wrong to speak ill of the dead, but I think he got it wrong….pretty sure he wants to use “toodlin'”, not “toddlin'”.  ‘Cause every bike knows toddlin’ leads to fallin’, but toodlin’ gets you where you’re going.  And, you know, I’ve had enough falling lately, eh?

But, speaking of toddlin’, I hear the human is toddlin’ around pretty good these days.  The bad leg is taking about 1/2 body weight which means the human can stand upright without crutches.  Walking?  Blah….still needing both crutches to maneuver in order to distribute the rest of the weight.  So, still toddlin’.  But doing stairs and getting better at it.

Rumor has it, the human may try a coffee-shop “ride” this weekend.  No, no….not toodlin’ down to our favorite Black Canyon in Wales with me or Galanas…no, no, going to be a while before that happens again…sigh….  I mean, toddlin’ over to the local Collectivo with crutches.  Edwin’s human has been helping the human to do laps in the condo’s parking lot.  Gotta get in a few more laps before they hit the street, but Collectivo is the goal.  If not this weekend, next weekend, for sure.

Besides, a goal and some activity are necessary.  Not just for the human…but….you see, I’m a little concerned about…uh….the human’s….uh….errr….lack of activity and constant fuel intake.  You see, I’ve learned a thing or two about humans over the years….they need fuel (unlike me, where a little chain lube and grease and I’m good to go!).  Too little fuel and together we end up stalled on the side of the road; too much fuel….sigh….not a pretty site….I am *not* going to be hauling extra weight on my saddle next spring!  No sirree!

That human had darn well better learn to regulate fuel intake and figure out a way to get some activity over the next couple of weeks!  Or *I* will have to suffer the indignity in spring of dealing with an overweight *and* slow rider…grrrr.   As soon as I get back (Monday, I hear from the UPS people) and out of this box (yeah, NC Bob, I may have to get Edwin’s human to do it, ’cause I gotta get out of this box), I’m going to be kicking that human of mine…laps in the parking lot, chair yoga (yeah, that’s a thing, who’d’ve thunk?), anything to keep some level of fitness.  We have a date with Spring riding (and maybe PAC Tour Historic Towns in February) and the human is keeping it!

For my Southern pe’eps, today is their ride to Dog Beach to see the Pacific.  NOAA says cloudy and a chance of rain.  Oooo…hope that isn’t an omen and just Mother Nature getting it out of her system.  But, with Harvey and now Irma wreaking havoc….wishing the best for my pe’eps as I following them along their way.  Have fun, fellow bikes!  Carry your riders, well!



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