Egads! What a month!

What a frazzled wreck I’ve been, dear reader!  Seriously.  Frazzled and frayed!  Literally for my rear derailleur cable (which is now finally replaced), but mentally because my human motor almost blew the big trip for us (sigh…again…sigh).

Let’s see.  We left off back in May.  Things were going awesomely.  We were putting in the miles, our speed, while, the usual slow pace for my human engine, wasn’t so far off to be worrisome and then….WHAM!  The human wakes up on a Monday morning and can barely move.  Pulled a back muscle?  Threw a kidney stone?  We may never know (and the human’s mechanic…what do you call them? A doctor? isn’t sure either).  Either way, the human and I didn’t get out for almost 4 weeks!  Four weeks!  That’s an eternity when you’re training for a big ride.  And one of those weeks was Memorial Day.  Explicative, to say the least.

Well, the human persevered and we got back on the bike in June.  Slow at first.  And our first away weekend got cut short because the human said no further.  But, as sudden as the human’s problems started, they ended.  And the next weekend, we did back-to-back 200K’s from home.  Things finally started to look up.

But…the problem is, now it was the beginning of July.  So we picked up and headed out to the Driftless Region.  5 days of riding.  Up the hills.  Down the hills.  Fun, eh?  Oh, I forgot to mention the headwinds and the heat.  Maybe not quite so fun.  Big headwinds on the way out that turned around almost at the same time that we turned around.  Blah.  And, since the humans were carrying everything but the kitchen sink in the panniers, that wind really, really slowed us down.  But, it is pretty country, so maybe going slower is OK, eh?  And we got in a solid weekend of riding.  4 centuries in hill country.  Not bad.

But, before I move on to the rest of the story, I have to tell you, dear reader, the worst thing my human ever did to me!  Worse that being a lousy engine, worse that leaving me locked in a box and bouncing around the hold of an airplane.  Oh, yeah, totally worse!  The human took me on a limestone bike trail…in…the….rain!  WTF!?!?!?!  After 3 miles I had more dirt and mud on me than paint!  To the human’s credit, when we got to Mt. Horeb, we stopped at a car wash (really…a car wash) and I got sprayed down.  And at the hotel got more TLC, but, oh, the indignity of all that mud.  Such a sorry state, I was.

But, I digress…and I must get to my final story….sigh…I just don’t know if I should be livid and green with jealousy?  Or happy for my sibling bike Galanas?  I should be happy, but…..OK…you tell me.  So, at the end of our 4th of July weekend, my shifting went wonky.  Nothing made it happy.  So when we got back, I had to go see the mechanic.  Fine.  The human and I don’t go out for fun weekends but every other weekend, so not a biggie, right?  Wrong.

You see, the week after the 4th was PAC Tour’s Wisconsin Week.  Lots of friends were coming and Susan offered to shuttle the human’s car from Beloit to Dodgeville so we (and I mean we….Edwin, me and the humans) could ride with the group.  Cool, eh?  Oh, wait….except I’m at the bike shop.  Sob.  I’m laid up.

So, did the humans not go?  After all, I, the most beee-uuu-ti-ful and trustworthy bicycle could not attend, so they shouldn’t either, right?  Hrrrrmpphh….oh, they went alright.  My human took Galanas and Edwin’s took Blue (boring, name, eh?  But Blue is a pretty bike…maybe not as pretty as Galanas (or me!), but still pretty).

Now, I should be happy for Galanas because he has never ever gotten to ride with PAC Tour.  Never gotten pampered.  Never sat on a PAC Tour rack with all the fancy bicycles.  And, you know, if he hadn’t come back gloating about how much fun he had and how fast the humans rode, maybe I would.  Sigh…I missed the ride.  But, I take consolation that some of the humans took notice that I wasn’t there; some of the humans worried about me.

And, of course, I will be getting to ride the Southern….things are finally starting to look positive.  We may have lost some speed with that layoff, but we’re back training.   And, with a little luck, we’ll be ready come September.


One response to “Egads! What a month!

  1. Susan F Rosenblatt

    So sorry to hear about your human’s back! What a good story! En
    joy the Southern.


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