Hi Ho Hi Ho…Its off to work I go

Yeppers….today I went to work and got to hang out with the commuter bikes.  Of course, the human shackled me to the rack and I had to explain to the beat up bikes that *I* didn’t think I was more special than them, but it was the *human’s* fault.  What can I say?  We’re in the basement and all the humans that come by seem very nice….still…I am a very pretty bike.

But, why did I get to go to work?  Weekends!  The human is in training for another southern crossing (woohoo!  4 weeks of riding!) and that means we get to take weekend rides.  Not as in “we ride on the weekend”, but as in “leave the house on Friday night, ride all weekend to places unknown and ride back just in time to get to work on Monday morning.”  300 miles of riding!  Yay!  But….

Does the human realize that we will be crossing the desert in September?  Does the human not remember the 120 degree temperature reading on the van in El Centro?  I am beginning to wonder.  You see….it is April and just because NOAA says it will get to 60 degrees does *not* mean that it is 60 degrees at 5AM when we head out for our pre-breakfast ride!  I want you to know, dear reader, that it is (explicative) cold yet.

Oh, sure, Clyde says those temperatures are balmy, but *I* don’t commute.  Edwin and his human sleep in and join us for breakfast so they didn’t understand my complaints.  Oh, but *this* morning they did.  Oh yeah…this morning even they had to get up early and ride.  Ha!  See if they can move any faster when it is 35 degrees out!  Ha!

But, I’m a happy camper…despite the cold, I’m basking in a glow of a long weekend and, maybe even looking forward to the next.


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