Rain. Clouds. Rain.

What is it with this rain thing?  We can travel for days with PAC Tour and nary a drop of rain.  But, join up with Timberline?  Watch the rain fall.  What?  Don’t they like me?  Do they think I look better with a coat of mud?  Seriously?  Hrrmph….

Needless to say, today we got wet.  Not wet enough to bother the humans, but wet enough to bother *me*.  And what is more important?  The humans?  Or me?  Hmmmm….?

Heck, it was so wet that I picked up a leech.  Gross, eh?  Little thing, probably got tossed up when the human rudely rode me through a puddle.  Turns out the little suckers will travel on land, but it could just as easily been a descendant of one that traveled by deer.  Who knows.  Didn’t bother me (not much blood in my steel) but it freaked out Edwin’s human — that was pretty entertaining to watch!

Despite the rain and gloom, it was a really nice ride…lots of that awesome Minnesota bike trail…twisty, turny roads just for me.  Of course, now that I’m save and warm in the hotel room, the sun is out.  Oh well.  Glad to be indoors tonight.  Overnight temp is to be 38.  Fall does come early here.

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