Slow down, you move too fast. . .

Slow down, you move too fast
You got to make the morning last
Just kicking down the cobblestones
Looking for fun and feeling groovy

Yep…<chuckle>we moved too fast</chuckle>…but that, my friends is the difference between doing the PAC Tour Southern vs doing Historic Towns “Training” Week.  Wwaaayyyy different.  Even with a flat shortly before the end <heehee>48.5 miles<heehee> and going really, really easy up the pass, we still weren’t last.  Wheeee….

But, unlike many a first day for Desert Camp, the weather today was awesome…heck, the worst we could say was that maybe, just maybe, it was a little too warm.  We started late, took our time and soaked up the sun.  We even got in with so much time to spare that the humans visited the winery and picked out a lovely wine to pair with tonight’s dinner.

But, the ride…twas so much fun…rode with Pat and her trusty Moots again.  It was fun to catch up.  Found some new bikes along the way to ride and play with, as well.  I know I keep mentioning it, but this is so different from the Southern…..we actually caught up to people on the road and were able to ride with others.  Not everyone here is super fast — we have other bikes to play with.

But, tonight I’m in the silo at the Sonoita Inn because I’m not allowed in the room.  That’s OK, I’m in here chilling with Pat’s Moots and Edwin.  It is a nice, cool spot.  The Sonoita Inn has a legend that it was built as Secretariat’s retirement home.  Having ridden in Kentucky horse country where the horses stalls look nicer that our house, one might actually believe  the legend.  However, the honest truth was that it was…sigh…built as a shopping mall and then converted into a hotel….sigh…not nearly so glamorous…not nearly as much fun for a trusty steed to think she could be sleeping where a famous race horse slept….sigh…but it is a nice place to sleep for the night….



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