How fast do you ride?

…not fast enough…never fast enough….the human is slow, so the question that you should be asking, dear reader is, how slow do you ride?

We are, without doubt the slowest pair on the trip, human and I….not because I can’t go any faster, but, given the engine in my human…well…it is what it is…can’t change the genetics.   Besides someone has to take the title of Lantern Rouge.   Even days like today where the road was pleasant with just enough hills and a slight tailwind, we toodled along at 15mph and … uh … errr… were last.

But we get company.  Pat and her trusty Moots toodles with us; Edwin on his riding days will also join us; and occasionally, riders having a “slow” day will also follow along.

But, in the end, we travel the same road as the fast bikes and because we move slower we have more time to savor the sights, take in the smells, check out the animals, wave at the people along the way, check out the scenery, enjoy the sky, listen to the birds, hear the crickets. . . .

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